Matsumaeya Premium KombuMatsumaeya

Dashi Kombu

Made from second year ma-kombu, giving a thick, full-bodied dashi.
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Shio Kombu

Has a bold flavour, and works well with rice and pasta.
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Fūmi Natural Umami

An all-natural umami seasoning to enhance your cooking.
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Cut Dashi Kombu

Cut dashi kombu has been created for the "kombu novice". It is so simple to prepare a quality kombu stock, packed full of umami, using cut dashi kombu.

Many chefs in Japan use cut dashi kombu as it is the fastest way to prepare a dashi stock.
In much of the world the water is "hard", typically where artesian water is used. In other words, the water is alkali. In this situation, in order to get the maximum umami from the kombu, cut dashi kombu is recommended. By using dried, cut, dashi kombu in these high alkali environments, the maximum umami can be extracted from the kombu. For this reason, Matsumaeya pioneered cut dashi kombu. By cutting the dried kombu into smaller pieces, this allows a greater surface area to volume exposure, ensuring that the maximum umami is released into the stock. This is now the preferred method for professional chefs in the Kanto (Tokyo- Yokohama) region. If you live/work in a region with hard water (alkali), then cut dashi kombu is definitely the way to get the maximum umami from your creation.

Ingredients: dried Japanese ma-kombu (second year kombu)

Standard Packaging:
Cut Dashi Kombu: 8 packs (18 x 50g sachets per pack).

Best used within 1 year