Matsumaeya Premium KombuMatsumaeya

Dashi Kombu

Made from second year ma-kombu, giving a thick, full-bodied dashi.
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Shio Kombu

Has a bold flavour, and works well with rice and pasta.
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Fūmi Natural Umami

An all-natural umami seasoning to enhance your cooking.
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Matsugae is typically used as a condiment for rice. It is longer than its cousin Mijin. It adds umami and flavor to any dish, and is a traditional Japanese condiment since time immemorial. Try adding matsugae to a salad, for taste, texture and visual impact. Or how about in the stuffing for your chicken or turkey dish?

Ingredients: Japanese ma-kombu (second year kombu), soy sauce, L-glutamic acid

Standard packaging: 8 x 200g packs

Best used within 6 months