Matsumaeya Premium KombuMatsumaeya

Dashi Kombu

Made from second year ma-kombu, giving a thick, full-bodied dashi.
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Shio Kombu

Has a bold flavour, and works well with rice and pasta.
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Fūmi Natural Umami

An all-natural umami seasoning to enhance your cooking.
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Miso soup

Peel some daikon (Chinese raddish) and chop into large cubes. Place in water and boil until el dente. Take off the boil, take a large piece of dashi kombu and place in pot, add a dash of soy sauce and mirin, and add some katsuo hondashi (bonito flakes). Gently simmer (do not let boil!) for 5 minutes, check for flavor. Blend in miso paste to required taste. Do NOT let boil, simmer only. When miso has completely dissolved check for taste and ladle into bowls. Sprinkle with dried wakame just prior to serving.

Serve piping hot.