Matsumaeya Premium KombuMatsumaeya

Dashi Kombu

Made from second year ma-kombu, giving a thick, full-bodied dashi.
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Shio Kombu

Has a bold flavour, and works well with rice and pasta.
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Fūmi Natural Umami

An all-natural umami seasoning to enhance your cooking.
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Developed for professional chefs, Umaminaturè is an all-natural, MSG-free seasoning that creates umami-laden impact in your cooking, adding a mouthwatering layer of deliciousness to the foods you prepare.

How do you use Umaminaturè? Use Umaminaturè to conveniently enhance the underlying tastiness to the foods you prepare. Umaminaturè quickly dissolves when cooking, and seamlessly melds with your other ingredients. It never masks the flavor of what you're making - so your tomato sauce will taste like your tomato sauce, only better. Here are a few examples of how to work with this seasoning:

  • Add to soups, stocks and sauces
  • Add to braising liquids and reductions
  • Add to vinaigrettes or sprinkle directly on salads
  • Sprinkle it on meat or chicken before cooking to naturally tenderize
  • Sprinkle on a grilled meat, chicken or fish right before serving

What is Umaminaturè? This seasoning is made from kombu, a seaweed harvested from the icy waters of Japan's far north and naturally preserved through a special, traditional salting process. As Japanese cooks have known for centuries, kombu is bursting with umami flavor compounds. In fact, kombu contains the highest levels of glutamate umami compounds of any natural foodstuff in the world.

Why umami? Umami is the taste familiar to anyone who's bitten into a perfectly ripe tomato, a hunk of farmhouse cheddar or a juicy grilled steak - it's that irresistible, mouthwatering sense of savoriness produced when foods are ripened, fermented, or cooked. Umami exists in all cooking around the world, but in Japan, it's the signature characteristic of the cuisine.

Umaminaturè is produced in Osaka, Japan, by Matsumaeya Co., a hallowed, century-old company that's the most prestigious kombu dealer in the country. It's made with only the purest, highest-quality kombu that's been finely shredded and packaged in a handy pourable container. Since it's naturally preserved, this product is shelf-stable and lasts for months. Umaminaturè comes in five flavor profiles:

  • Original salted kombu
  • Yuzu citrus
  • Curry
  • Basil
  • Shiso (a fragrant Japanese herb)

The original salted kombu flavor blends in the background of your other ingredients when cooking. Or you can add the yuzu, curry, basil or shiso varieties to create even more pronounced flavor layers.

Umaminaturè works great with any kind of cooking - French, Italian, Latin, you name it. Introduce Umaminaturè to your dishes, and you'll add flavor-popping, umami-rich savoriness to your foods that will keep your guests hankering for more.